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Welcome to MH370Wiki

This page provides information about the Copyright Policy for the website www.mh370wiki.net.

Copyright Policy


This Website is subject to and complies with Australian Copyright Law.

Original content developed for or included in this Website is protected by copyright.

Content derived from other work will be attributed to the original author, publisher or website source. That attribution may be in the form of a link to the original source, a reference, or a description. References, sources and acknowledgements may be included in footnotes.

Fair Use

Some countries, notably the USA, have a concept of 'fair use' built into their copyright law.

Australian copyright law uses a concept 'fair dealing', which may be more limiting. However, content for this website www.mh370wiki.net is more likely to be sourced from non-Australian media, government publications and websites.

Some of those original sources relating to MH370 have been withdrawn. For example in Malaysia, the Malaysia Airlines website has changed since 2014, several government websites have been updated, and even the Prime Minister's Office no longer holds relevant press statements by former PM Najib Razak. Original media statements and other material is either removed or no longer publicly accessible.

The reproduction of material which is relevant to this website - the story of Flight MH370 - is regarded as Fair Use. This website is a not-for-profit site, has no commercial profile, is privately owned, and the interest in MH370 is purely academic for research purposes. Copyright ownership by the original authors is acknowledged and the excerpts used are Referenced. The original location (source address) is provided where possible, even if the material is no longer available.

Social Media

Content posted to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube may be referenced or used in this website. For example, Captain Zaharie Shah posted photos of his flight simulator on Facebook and many media outlets have used that and other photos in their publications. Where material of this kind is used the copyright ownership by the author is acknowledged, and the role of the service provider is also acknowledged with terms such as 'courtesy of YouTube'.

Note to Copyright Owners

If you are an author or copyright owner and believe that any content should be attributed to you, or you believe that the method of attribution is not adequate, please make contact so the matter can be corrected.