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Welcome to MH370Wiki

This page describes some of the enhancements to this website which are planned for future upgrades.

Work In Progress

The sections below describe some of the work which is planned for this website, or is currently progressing in the background.

Development of this website progresses gradually at an average rate between one and two hours per day, often involving minor improvements, as well as work towards the more significant enhancements listed below.

Safety Investigation Report

Extracts from the Safety Investigation Report (2018) have been imported but further work is required to correctly format the text (converted from .pdf to html) before the section is made publicly accessible.

Comments and Notes are being added to each extract to provide some additional information, explanation, or comparison with the previous version published in the Factual Information (2015).

Factual Information

Extracts from the Factual Information (2015) were imported and formatted prior to the release of the Safety Investigation Report.

The idea of including Comments and Notes with extracts from the Safety Investigation Report is also being applied to the Factual Information. While those changes are being made, and while links to extracts from the Factual Information are being replaced by or supplemented by links to extracts from the Safety Investigation Report, this section will not be publicly accessible.

Passengers and Crew

The basic information about passengers and crew on flight MH370 is available from the passenger manifests. Additional information about the Flight Crew and Cabin Crew is provided as profiles in the Safety Investigation Report, although names are not supplied.

To add more detail, a section for each of Passengers and Crew has been created and content is being extracted from various news articles and other sources. When this task is completed, the sections will become publicly available.

Drawings and Diagrams

Many people find that information presented visually is more easily understood than written text. However, many useful drawings and diagrams in official documents are also copyright and therefore cannot be used without permission.

A solution has been to create suitable drawings specifically for this website, using Microsoft Visio. This includes views and cross-sections of the Boeing 777.

These diagrams will be used to improve the presentation of passenger seating, and to support an explanation of the electrical and communication systems on board 9M-MRO.


There are many theories about why flight MH370 was diverted. Some have lost favour over time; and most have been dismissed, either directly or indirectly, by the Safety Investigation Report.

However, the story of MH370 would not be complete without inclusion of these contributions, so a section devoted to Theories is proposed. When that is implemented, it will also include evaluation or analysis of each idea.

Book Reviews

Many books have been written about flight MH370 and most have made a valuable contribution from the perspective of each author, including pilots, investigators, journalists and technicians.

Having read most of these books it follows that writing a review for each would be worthwhile addition to this website.

Debris and Sightings

Some people still believe that MH370 can be found in the jungle in Cambodia or the Philippines; or that it crashed in the South China Sea or the Straits of Malacca; or that it flew over the Maldives; or is somewhere else and the debris was planted in the Indian Ocean.

It is obvious that inclusion in this website of details, and evaluation, of each possible sighting; and some background to the discovery and interpretation of major pieces of debris would be worthwhile.


Maintenance of this website is ongoing, and the above goals and ideas show that development of this website will continue for a long time.

There is no obvious answer to fundamental questions like why?, or who? is responsible. However, by collating information and presenting a bigger picture maybe, just maybe, there will be something that becomes obvious. Not by inclusion but by omission; not by what is known but by what is missing when everything meaningful has been evaluated. When this website is more complete hopefully it will become possible to suggest, with greater certainty, what may have led to the diversion of flight MH370.