B777/9M-MRO/Type and Identification

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Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 registered 9M-MRO

Aircraft Type and Identification

This particular aircraft has been referred to using different terminology, as listed below:-

Aircraft Registration: 9M-MRO

When the aircraft was purchased by Malaysia Airlines it was Registered 9M-MRO. The prefix 9M is the ICAO registration code for Malaysia which is the State of Registry. The letters MRO identify the particular aircraft.

Aircraft Type: 777-200-ER

The aircraft selected for the flight by Malaysia Airlines was a Boeing 777-200-ER. The Boeing 777-200 is one of several variants in the 777 series. Aircraft with additional fuel capacity are identified with the letters ER - meaning Extra Range capability.

Aircraft Type: B777

The Boeing 777 family of jet aircraft may be called B777 as an abbreviation for the longer descriptor.

Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-2H6ER

The MH370 Preliminary Report referred to the type of aircraft manufactured by Boeing using the code 777-2H6ER. The letter H seems to be used by Boeing to indicate a configuration for Malaysia.