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Boeing 777 Archived Website

Boeing 777 Website Image
Image embedded from Boeing 777 Website (Archived)

Prior to the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Saturday, 8 March 2014 and for a relatively short time after, the Boeing company website interface was simply practical and the content was informative and biased toward technical details. Boeing Customers could obtain more content by logging in with an Account. But just by browsing the website and 'drilling down' into linked content it would have been possible to gain a lot of information about the Boeing 777 aircraft.

Perhaps too much information was available. The website was redesigned and has a much greater marketing focus and the interface is glossy indicating the influence of graphic designers instead of engineers.

Production of the 777 family of aircraft has ceased. Therefore, archived versions of the Boeing website as it was in 2014 provide the most information about the Boeing 777 from the manufacturer's perspective.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 used one of their fleet of Boeing 777-200-ER aircraft, registered in Malaysia as 9M-MRO. Images and data specific to aircraft 9M-MRO is indexed from the menu. However, the Boeing data and website content provides additional information for the 777-200 series and generic information for all of the 777 family of aircraft.

Instead of linking to the Internet Archive which would open a separate browser tab or window, the sections of an archived website have been embedded within pages on this MH370 website. The archived content is still protected by Boeing copyright, and the technique of embedding content or another website means that what you see is an original (archived) page, not a local copy.

Sections and images selected for their relevance to flight MH370 are shown below:-

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