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Boeing 777 Technical Data

This section identifies some of the sources of technical information which is more details or specific that the contents of the Boeing Website or the various Manuals which were available in 2014.

Digital Avionics Handbook 3rd Ed

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Fly-By-Wire System

The Digital Avionics Handbook is a collection of articles written by experts and edited by Carl Spitzer and others.

The version pictured to the right is the Third Edition released in 2014. The previous edition simply called The Avionics Handbook was published in 2000 and is out of print. However, both editions include a chapter on Boeing B-777: Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls by Gregg F. Bartley of Boeing (2nd Ed) and the Federal Aviation Administration (3rd Ed).

The Boeing 777 is the first commercial aircraft manufactured by Boeing which employed a Fly-By-Wire Primary Flight Control System, and the description given in this book is comprehensive.

Other chapters in both the second and third editions are also valuable for an understanding of the avionics technologies used during the same period that the Boeing 777 was developed and produced.


The Safety Investigation Report includes a description of Honeywell/Racal (Honeywell/Thales) MCS-6000 SATCOM Units - Section 1.9.5 1) Satellite Communications System Description. As with many other components of the Boeing 777 the items are purchased from manufacturers other than Boeing and therefore Manuals and other data can be obtained from those manufacturer's websites or download from various other Internet sources.

For the SATCOM, manuals and other data may be found by searching for keywords such as Honeywell, SATCOM, and MCS-6000.

An article related to this search is Satcom Taming the Beast by Tony Bailey, published in Avionics News 2003.

Aircraft Systems Description

The Safety Investigation Report includes descriptions of the systems on the Boeing 777-200 relevant to flight MH370.