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Captain Zaharie Shah was the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Captain Shah was an experienced Pilot with over 18000 flying hours, including 8659 hours on the Boeing 777, as shown in the Career Summary below.

Career Summary

Completed Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE) at the Penang Free School
Accepted as Cadet Pilot with MAS under the sponsorship of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), a Government agency, and sent to Manila in the Philippines to be provided ab-initio pilot training
Graduated with a Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating (CPL & IR)

Joined Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as a Second Officer and was posted to the Fokker F27 turbo-prop aircraft where he obtained his initial airline flying experience.

(MAS operated a fleet of Fokker F27 turbo-prop aircraft, commonly known as the Fokker Friendship).

Posted to the Boeing 737-400 and stayed on as First Officer until October 1991
1991 (end of)
Promoted to Captain on the Boeing 737-400 and stayed on the B737-400 until December 1996
Promoted to the Airbus A330-300 and stayed on the fleet until September 1998
Promoted to the Boeing 777-200 fleet as a Captain and remained in that role until the day of the MH370 incident
2007 (November)
Was made a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and Type Rating Examiner (TRE) on the Boeing 777-200 fleet
Was the Pilot-in-Command of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER, flight MH370, which disappeared on 8th March 2014

Aviation Experience

Total hours: 18423

Experience on Type (B777-200): 8659

Last line check: 8 April 2013

Instrument rating check: 15 November 2013

Was made a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and Type Rating Examiner (TRE) on the B777-200 fleet in 2007.

Source:- Adapted from the Factual Information, Safety Investigation for MH370 issued by the Safety Investigation Team for MH370, Ministry of Transport, Malaysia, on 8th March 2015

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