Chronology/Actions Taken 8 March

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Chronology: Actions Taken between 01:38 and 06:14 on Saturday 8 March

This page contains the full text of the document ACTIONS TAKEN BETWEEN 01:38 AND 06:14 ON SATURDAY 8 MARCH released by the Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) on Tuesday, 1 April 2014.



The following table is based on recorded communications on direct lines, summarising the events associated to MH370 after the radar blip disappeared until activation of the Rescue Coordination Centre.


No MYT Event
1 01:38:19 Ho Chi Minh first enquired about MH370, informed KL-ATCC that verbal contact was not established with MH370 and radar target was last seen at BITOD.
2 01:41:21 KL-ATCC informed HCM that after IGARI, MH370 did not return to Lumpur frequency.
3 01:46:46 HCM queried about MH370 again, stating that radar contact was established over IGARI but there was no verbal contact. Ho Chi Minh advised that the observed radar blip disappeared at waypoint BITOD.
4 01:50:28 KL-ATCC queried HCM if any contact with MH370. HCM’s reply was ‘negative’.
5 01:57:02 HCM informed KL-ATCC that there was officially no contact with MH370 until this time. Attempts on many frequencies and aircraft in the vicinity received no response from MH370.
6 02:03:48 KL-ATCC queried HCM on status MH370. HCM confirmed there was no radar contact at this time and no verbal communications was established. KL-ATCC relayed the information received from Malaysia Airlines OPS that aircraft was in Cambodian airspace.
7 02:07:00 HCM queried for confirmation that MH370 was in Phnom Penh FIR. KLATCC requested to check further with the supervisor.
8 02:11:37 HCM queried on status but KL-ATCC has no update.
9 [02:15]
[no voice recording]
(extracted from Watch Supervisor’s Log Book)
KL-ATCC Watch Supervisor queried Malaysia Airlines OPS who informed that MH370 was able to exchange signals with the flight and flying in Cambodian airspace.
10 02:18:53 KL-ATCC queried if flight planned routing of MH370 was supposed to enter Cambodian airspace. HCM confirmed that planned route was only through Vietnamese airspace. HCM had checked and Cambodia advised that it had no information or contact with MH370.

HCM confirmed earlier information that radar contact was lost after BITOD and radio contact was never established.
KL-ATCC queried if HCM was taking Radio Failure action but the query didn’t seem to be understood by the personnel.

HCM suggested KL-ATCC to call MAS OPS and was advised that it had already been done.
11 02:34:01 Watch Supervisor KL-ATCC enquired with MAS OPS Centre about communication status with MH370 but the personnel was unsure if the message went through successfully or not.
12 02:35:03 HCM queried about status of MH370 and was informed that the Watch Supervisor was talking to the company at this time.
13 02:35:54 MAS OPS Centre informed KL-ATCC MH370 in normal condition based on signal download giving coordinate N14.90000 E109 15 00 at time 1833 UTC.
14 02:37:36 KL-ATCC relayed to HCM the latitude and longitude as advised by Malaysian Airlines Operations.
15 02:53:51 MH386 was requested by HCM to try to establish contact with MH370 on Lumpur radar frequency. KL-ATCC then requested MH386 to try on emergency frequencies as well.
16 [03:30]
(no voice recording)
(extract from Watch Supervisor’s Log Book)
MAS OPS Centre informed KL-ATCC that the flight tracker information was based on flight projection and not reliable for aircraft positioning.
17 03:30:01 KL-ATCC queried if HCM had checked with next FIR Hainan.
18 03:56:19 KL-ATCC queried Malaysia Airlines OPS for any latest information or contact with MH370.
19 04:25:23 HCM queried KL-ATCC on last position that MH370 was in contact with ATC. KL-ATCC queried if any information had been received from Hong Kong or Beijing.
20 05:09:18 Singapore queried for information on MH370.
21 05:20:17 Capt [name redacted] requested for information on MH370. He opined that based on known information, “MH370 never left Malaysian airspace”.
22 05:30 The Watch Supervisor activated the Kuala Lumpur ARCC.
23 05:41:21 HCM query for any updates
24 06:14:14 KL-ATCC queried HCM if SAR was activated.

Source: Ministry of Transport, Malaysia ACTIONS TAKEN BETWEEN 01:38 AND 06:14 ON SATURDAY 8 MARCH