Chronology/KL ACC Planning Controller and HCM ACC

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Chronology: Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and HCM ACC

This article presents extracts from the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 which have been selected because the content is a chronology of events related to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Each event in this chronology has been linked to a Timeline Event in the main Timeline articles on this site. This provides a cross-link or check on the well known events.

Table 2.2F - Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and HCM ACC

No. Time [MYT] Direct-Line Communication Exchanges
1. 0139:03 -
HCM ACC initiated the call to enquire about MH370 and notified KL ACC verbal contact was not established with MH370 and the radar target was last seen at BITOD.
2. 0410:10 0141:10 -
KL ACC initiated the call to inform HCM ACC that MH370 did not contact KL ACC after IGARI. HCM ACC informed KL ACC that “we have radar contact but not verbal contact until BITOD, we are no ADS-B identity and no radar contact.”
3. 0146:47 -
HCM ACC initiated the call /query about MH370 and stated that “we have radar contact over IGARI not verbal contact and after BITOD we have no radar ident also ADS-B identity. And we call him many times until more than 20 minutes”.
KL ACC responded: “Okay, I will try...give a call and then.”
4. 0157:49 -
HCM ACC initiated the call/query and stated: “we officially no contact from MH370 until now, and we tried on many frequencies and all the aircraft - calling no response from MH370.” HCM ACC added and requested by saying: “Could you check back for your side?”
KL ACC responded: “Okay we will do that and the first at IGARI did you ever in contact with the aircraft or not first place.”
HCM ACC replied: “Negative sir, we have radar contact only but not verbal contact.”
KL ACC responded: “But no when passed IGARI, did the aircraft call you?”
HCM ACC replied: “Negative sir.”
KL ACC responded: “Negative. Why you didn’t tell me first within five minutes you should be called me?”
KL ACC, before ending the conversation, indicated that he would try to call the Company.
5. 0207:47 -
HCM ACC initiated the call query to KL ACC for confirmation that MH370 was in Phnom Penh FIR as Phnom Penh did not have any information on MH370.KL ACC responded that he would check with his supervisor again.
6. 0212:15 -
KL ACC while coordinating with HCM ACC on another traffic informed that there was no update on the status of MH370.
7. 0218:50 -
KL ACC initiated the call and queried if the flight plan routing of MH370 was supposed to enter Cambodian airspace.
HCM ACC confirmed that the planned route was only through the Vietnamese airspace. HCM ACC also informed that it had checked and also been advised by Cambodia that it had no information or contact with MH370. HCM ACC confirmed that earlier information on loss of radar contact after BITOD, and radio contact, was never established.
KL ACC queried if HCM ACC was taking Radio Failure action but the query did not seem to be understood by the personnel.
HCM ACC suggested KL ACC to call MAS Operations and was advised that it had already been done.
8. 0234:56 -
HCM ACC initiated the call and queried about the status of MH370 and was informed by KL ACC that the Watch Supervisor was talking to the Company at that time.
9. 0330:03 -
KL ACC initiated the call and enquired on news of MH370 and HCM ACC responded: “not yet.”
KL ACC queried whether HCM ACC had checked with the next FIR Hainan.

Table 2.2F - Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and HCM ACC
Source: Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018