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EHM Parameter Key
Parameter description Units
A/P Autopilot status discrete
A/T Autothrottle status discrete
ACID Aircraft identification  
AOHE Air Oil Heat Exchanger Position Selected discrete
ASMT Assumed Day Temperature Celsius
AVM Vibration monitoring system status word hexadecimal
BBA Broadband vibration channel A ACU
BBB Broadband vibration channel B ACU
CAS Calculated airspeed knots
DATE Date dd/mm/yyy
DP ASCS Duct Pressure psi
DPT Departure airport  
DRTE Thrust derate switch  
DST Destination airport  
EBFR Environmental control system bleed flow rate lb/s
EBLD Environmental control system discrete discrete
EECT EEC temperature Celsius
EGT Exhaust gas temperature Celsius
EPRACT EPR actual  
EPRACT-L EPR actual - left  
EPRACT-R EPR actual - right  
EPRCMD EPR commanded  
EPRMAX EPR maximum  
EPRTRA EPR throttle angle  
ESN Engine serial number  
ESTAT EEC status  
FAV ASCS FAMV Actual Position  
FCC3 EEC status word  
FCC4 EEC status word  
FCC5 EEC status word  
FCC6 EEC status word  
FLCT Report Copy number  
FLT Flight number  
FM Flight phase  
FMVDMD Fuel metering valve demanded position  
FMVSEL Fuel metering valve commanded position  
FNDERATESW Thrust derate switch  
FUELT Fuel temperature in a/c tank Celsius
GENLD Generator load shp
GMT Time hh:mm:ss
GWT Gross Weight  
LAT Latitude degrees  
LONG Longitude degrees  
MACH Mach number  
N1 N1 shaft speed %
N1VA N1 shaft vibration channel A ACU
N1VB N1 shaft vibration channel B ACU
N2 N2 shaft speed %
N2VA N2 shaft vibration channel A ACU
N2VB N2 shaft vibration channel B ACU
N3 N3 shaft speed %
N3VA N3 shaft vibration channel A ACU
N3VB N3 shaft vibration channel B ACU
NAC1 Nacelle temperature zone 1 (firewire resistance) ohms
NAC2Nacelle temperature zone 2 (firewire resistance) ohms
OILP Oil pressure psi
OILT Oil temperature Celsius
P160 P160 pressure (bypass duct) psi
P2.5P25 pressure (HPC inlet)psi
P20 P20 pressure (inlet) psi
P30 P30 pressure (HPC outlet) psi
P50 P50 pressure (LP turbine outlet) psi
PACK Cabin bleed discrete discrete
PALT Pressure altitudefeet
PHF Vibration phase front degrees
PHR Vibration phase rear degrees
PKFR Pack mass flow rate lb/s
PKWD ECS status discretes hexadecimal
PTO ASCS PC Out temperature Celsius
RATG EEC rating  
SFC Sub-Frame Counter (recorded data point)number
SWID Software identification  
T20 T20 temperature (inlet) Celsius
T25 T25 temperature (HPC inlet) Celsius
T30 T30 temperature (HPC outlet) Celsius
TAT Total Air Temperature Celsius
TCAF Turbine cooling air front Celsius
TCAR Turbine cooling air rear Celsius
THDG True heading  
TRA Throttle resolver angledegrees
TRALOC Throttle resolver angle degrees
VSV VSV angle degrees
WF Fuel flow lb/hr

Source: Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.6B - Engine Health Monitoring Decoded Data For Take-Off and Climb Reports

Note: Although the content of this table looks the same as that provided in Factual Information MH370/01/15 Appendix 1.6B it is not identical. One change noticed is the addition of a description for the parameter SFC.