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MH370 Pilot to Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radio Telephony Transcripts

When radio communications between an aircraft and air traffic control is spoken, like using a telephone, it is called radiotelephony. Radio communications between aircraft and air traffic controllers are recorded for later reference and a written version is therefore a radiotelephony transcript.

This page links to two versions of the transcript of communications between MH370 and air traffic control; the first released as a Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript, referred to as the Original Version; and an updated version, compiled from the Appendices to the Factual Information (2015) and Safety investigation Report (2018).

MH370 Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript - Original Version

The first version of a Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript was released at a Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport on 1 April 2014. See the Media Release for details.

When the Factual Information was released in 2015 the Appendices contained more accurate transcriptions. Some small changes were made when the transcripts were included in Appendices with the Safety Investigation Report in 2018. However, the original document itself was not updated.

MH370 Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript - Compiled from Appendices 1.18A-E

The original Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript document was superseded, not updated.

This page contains the transcripts of communications between MH370 and air traffic control, as published in Appendix 1.18A to E, initially as part of the Factual Information MH370/01/15 and subsequently as part of the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 , compiled into a format which replicates the original transcript. The transcripts of communications between MH370 and air traffic control have been extracted from each Appendix which also contains transcripts related to other flights.

As at 1 January 2018 the Safety Investigation Report (2018) and Appendices can be downloaded from from the Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) website at

More Information

An introduction to radiotelephony has been published by the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) at with the title Radio Telephony Basics. This resource is based on ICAO standard phraseology.