Communications:Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript/V1

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MH370 Pilot-ATC Radiotelephony Transcript

This page contains the transcript of communications between MH370 and air traffic control, released at a Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport on Tuesday, 1 April 2014. See the Media Release for details.

MAS 370 (Kuala Lumpur to Beijing)
Departure from KLIA: 8 March 2014

12:25:53MAS 370Delivery MAS 370 Good Morning
12:26:02ATCMAS 370 Standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt via AGOSA Alpha Departure six thousand feet squawk two one zero six
12:26:19ATC... MAS 370 request level
12:26:21MAS 370MAS 370 we are ready requesting flight level three five zero to Beijing
12:26:39ATCMAS 370 is cleared to Beijing via PIBOS A Departure Six Thousand Feet squawk two one five seven
12:26:45MAS 370Beijing PIBOS A Six Thousand Squawk two one five seven, MAS 370 Thank You
12:26:53ATCMAS 370 Welcome over to ground
12:26:55MAS 370Good Day

12:27:27MAS 370Ground MAS370 Good morning Charlie One Requesting push and start
12:27:34ATCMAS370 Lumpur Ground Morning Push back and start approved Runway 32 Right Exit via Sierra 4.
12:27:40MAS 370Push back and start approved 32 Right Exit via Sierra 4 POB 239 Mike Romeo Oscar

12:32:13MAS 370MAS377 request taxi.
12:32:26ATCMAS37..... (garbled) ... standard route. Hold short Bravo
12:32:30MAS 370Ground, MAS370. You are unreadable. Say again.
12:32:38ATCMAS370 taxi to holding point Alfa 11 Runway 32 Right via standard route. Hold short of Bravo.
12:32:42MAS 370Alfa 11 Standard route Hold short Bravo MAS370.
12:35:53ATCMAS 370 Tower
12:36:19ATC(garbled) ... Tower ... (garbled)
 MAS 3701188 MAS370 Thank you

12:36:30MAS 370Tower MAS370 Morning
12:36:38ATCMAS370 good morning. Lumpur Tower. Holding point..[garbled]..10 32 Right
12:36:50MAS 370Alfa 10 MAS370
12:38:43ATC370 line up 32 Right Alfa 10.
 MAS 370Line up 32 Right Alfa 10 MAS370
12:40:38ATC370 32 Right Cleared for take-off. Good night.
 MAS 37032 Right Cleared for take-off MAS370. Thank you Bye.

12:42:05MAS 370Departure Malaysian Three Seven Zero
12:42:10ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero selamat pagi identified. Climb flight level one eight zero cancel SID turn right direct to IGARI
12:42:48MAS 370Okay level one eight zero direct IGARI Malaysian one err Three Seven Zero
12:42:52ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero contact Lumpur Radar One Three Two Six good night
 MAS 370Night One Three Two Six Malaysian Three Seven Zero

12:46:51MAS 370Lumpur Control Malaysian Three Seven Zero
12:46:51ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero Lumpur radar Good Morning climb flight level two five zero
12:46:54MAS370Morning level two five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero
12:50:06ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero climb flight level three five zero
12:50:09MAS370Flight level three five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:01:14MAS370Malaysian Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:01:19ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero
01:07:55MAS370Malaysian...Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:08:00ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero
01:19:24ATCMalaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9 Good Night
01:19:29MAS370Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero


Source: Ministry of Transport, Malaysia. 1 April 2014. MAS 370 PILOT-ATC RADIOTELEPHONY TRANSCRIPT