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Country Codes

The Passenger Manifests for MH370 include the passenger nationality in the format of a Country Code. The version distributed at Beijing on Saturday, 8 March 2014 clearly shows three-letter codes which represent the country. In the first two versions of a Passenger Manifest released by Malaysia Airlines on 8 March 2014 and updated on 10 April 2014 the country code has been converted to a country name for easy reading. Initially, there was some confusion between the codes IDN (India) and IND (Indonesia). This article explains where the standard abbreviations come from and lists the country codes for each nationality represented by passengers on flight MH370.

ISO 3166

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) developed a Standard (ISO 3166) which lists all of the countries by name in both English and French. A two-letter code (Alpha-2), and a three-letter code (Alpha-3) are assigned to each country. Additionally there is a three-digit (Numeric) code for each country.

These codes can be viewed via the ISO's Online Browsing Platform

Country Codes for Passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Code Country Comments
AUS Australia
AUT Austria Passenger was impersonated by an Iranian
CAN Canada
CHN China
FRA France
IND India
IDN Indonesia
IRN Iran Two passengers using stolen Passports
ITA Italy Passenger was impersonated by an Iranian
MYS Malaysia
NLD Netherlands
NZL New Zealand
RUS Russia The Passenger Seating Plan (1 May 2014) incorrectly uses the Alpha-2 code RU
The API Data in the Beijing version (8 March 2014) shows RUS.
TWN Taiwan
UKR Ukraine
USA United States of America

Other Sources

Country Codes from ISO 3166 are used by many organisations worldwide. Here are just two examples:-