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Decoding MH370 - Tooltips

A significant feature of the software used for this website, called MediaWiki, is the use of Tooltips.

A Tooltip is some additional information which appears on the screen when the cursor or mouse pointer is placed over some text which is faintly underlined.

Tooltips have been created from the Glossary included in each official Report so that when reading an article which may contain a quote from a Report, the meaning of a term is available in context, where it is needed.

Tooltips are so useful they have also been created to decode other information such as the Flight Plan as described below.

Tooltips and the Flight Plan

The following is a text version of the Filed Flight Plan for MH370.

Mouse over any faint underlined text to reveal the meaning.

KLA297   070444
DCTBEKOL/K0900S1160 A461YIN/K0890S1130A461VYK


Source: Transcribed from the image in Figure 2.2A from the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Section 2.2.3 Filed Flight Plan of MH370

Note: Occasionally there are unexpected results with Tooltips providing 'help' for an item which matches the criteria but in the wrong context. These events are not common and are corrected whenever noticed.