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Day 012: Wednesday, 19 March 2014

News Summary

5:30 PM
Malaysian PM received a call from Australian PM about ‘two possible objects related to the search’ for MH370 had been identified in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Source: DCA (Malaysia) - Interactive Timeline

Media Statements

Wednesday, March 19, 04:10 PM MYT +0800 MH370 Incident - 21st Media Statement

The passengers and crew on-board flight MH370, their families and loved ones, have been at the centre of every action Malaysia Airlines has taken as a Company since we first learned the flight disappeared.

The Malaysian Government is coordinating an unprecedented international search effort covering 2.24 million square nautical miles. With this simply enormous area we cannot determine how long it will take to locate the aircraft.

Considering these challenges, our caregivers have informed the family members of the missing passengers and crew that we have taken the decision to continue to provide information and assistance through the further enhanced Family Support Centre (FSC) based in Kuala Lumpur which has been operational since 8 March 2014 rather than the various Family Assistance Centers (FACs).

The Family Support Centre will continue to proactively provide relatives waiting for news at home with daily updates. In addition to personal phone calls, Malaysia Airlines will now send out SMS blasts with brief updates to the families. We have also set up an email address for family members as a channel for them to communicate with us. Updates via the Malaysia Airlines website are also available.

This Family Support Centre will be open round-the-clock and will house family support representatives trained to assist those who are seeking answers and further information. The representatives will be divided into four shifts with ten staff handling each shift. This will ensure that someone is available to attend to the families at all times. The centre will also have Mandarin speaking personnel.

Below are the toll-free numbers that has been set-up for eight different countries. A back-up number is also given to the families in the event they are not able to reach the toll-free number. The number to call to get in touch with this centre is +603 8777 5770.


Countries            Toll-free number

China                    10-800-130-1364 (South China) / 10-800-713-1404 (North China)
Malaysia                 1800-81-4819
Indonesia               001-803-015-203-7708
Australia                1800-198-163
US/Canada             877-504-4210
New Zealand          080-045-4029
India                     000-800-100-3449
France                   080-091-2622


All this while, the families have always been briefed first, followed by the media and then the public whenever new information surfaces. However, the often conflicting information and wild speculation have caused a major distress to the families.

The Airline continues to work closely with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all local and international agencies during this critical and traumatic period.

Our top priority remains to provide any and all assistance to the families of the passengers and crew.









面临这项费时且艰巨的挑战,我们的关怀志工经已通知失联客机的乘客与机组的家属,本公司将会继续通过驻吉隆坡的家庭支援中心(Family Support Centre ,简称FSC)提供最新的信息和援助。此家属支援中心已经在2014年3月8日当天运作。 此中心和其他家庭协助中心(Family Assistance Centers, 简称FACs)不同。



我们已在以下八个国家设立免费热线,以便提供最便捷的服务。此外,我们也设立了一个备用专线,以免家属们接驳不到免费热线时仍可致电询问。此备用专线的号码为+603 8777 5770。





· 10-800-130-1364  (南方)

· 10-800-713-1404 (北方)


· 1800-81-4819


· 001-803-015-203-7708


· 1800-198-163

美国 / 加拿大

· 877-504-4210


· 080-045-4029


· 000-800-100-3449


· 080-091-2622




Source: Malaysia Airlines MAS-MS21-012-ZH

Wednesday, March 19, 05:30 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - MH370 Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport



2014 年3月19日


Introductory statement


The search for MH370 continues. As I stated at yesterday’s press conference, this is now a truly international effort.


Our focus remains the search and rescue operation. We are working on narrowing the search corridor by:


·      gathering satellite information

·      analysing radar data

·      increasing air and surface assets, and

·      increasing the number of technical experts.

·      收集人造卫星的资料

·      分析雷达数据

·      增加空中和海陆面的搜索资源

·      增加技术专家

We are also taking further steps to address the needs of the families at this difficult time.




1.   Operational update


I will start by giving a brief operational update.


As we have said, the search for MH370 involves diplomatic, technical and logistical challenges.


Accordingly, the main technical team organising the search and rescue operation has been broken into three groups: a diplomatic team, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; an assets deployment and logistics team led by the Armed Forces; and a technical group retaining overall operational control, which is led by the Department of Civil Aviation.

因此,主要策划搜救行动的技术团队已被分成三个组别:外交团队,由外交部领导; 资产部署和后勤单位,由军方领导,以及一个整体运营控制的技术小组,由民航局领导。

On the diplomatic front, all 26 countries involved in the search and rescue operation have verbally agreed to assist the operations, and Malaysia has written to all countries formally requesting co-operation.


 A number of assets which have already been committed are awaiting diplomatic clearance to begin operations. Once we receive formal clearance, we can then speed up the deployment of assets along the search corridors.  


As I stated yesterday, although the search is still co-ordinated by Malaysia, our partners are increasingly taking the lead in their own territory and in agreed search sectors. We welcome this, and again would like to thank all our partners for their continued assistance and support.


I can confirm that we have received some radar data, but we are not at liberty to release information from other countries. I appeal to all our partners to continue volunteering any and all information that could help with the investigation and the search for MH370.


Regarding reports that the plane was sighted in the Maldives, I can confirm that the Malaysian Chief of the Defence Force has contacted his counterpart in the Maldives, who has confirmed that these reports are not true.


2.   Waypoints

2.   航点

I am aware of speculation that additional waypoints were added to the aircraft’s flight routing. I can confirm that the aircraft flew on normal routing up until the waypoint IGARI. There is no additional waypoint on MH370’s documented flight plan, which depicts normal routing all the way to Beijing.  


3.   Police investigation


On the police investigation, as the Inspector General of the Police confirmed, the case has been classified under Section 130C of the Penal Code. All passengers, crew and ground staff handling the aircraft are being investigated.

在警方的调查方面,总警长卡立已证实,此案件将援引刑事法第130C 条文调查。警方正在调查所有马航失联客机的乘客,机组人员和处理该飞机的地勤人员。

We are sharing all information relevant to the case with all relevant international investigative agencies that require it. We have received passenger background checks from all countries apart from Ukraine and Russia, both of which had nationals on board. So far, no information of significance on any passengers has been found.


Local and international expertise has been recruited to examine the pilot’s flight simulator. Some data had been deleted from the simulator and forensic work to retrieve this data is on-going.


I would like to take this opportunity to state that the passengers, the pilots and the crew remain innocent until proven otherwise. For the sake of their families, I ask that we refrain from any unnecessary speculation that might make an already difficult time even harder.


4.   High level team

4. 高层团队

I would like to announce that in addition to the team that is already on the ground, Malaysia is currently assembling a high-level team that will immediately travel to Beijing. The team will give briefings and updates to the next of kin on the latest situation, and on search and rescue plans.


The team will include representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Malaysian Air Force, the Department of Civil Aviation, and Malaysia Airlines.


The team will be led by Lieutenant General Dato’ Sri Ackbal bin Haji Abdul Samad RMAF (Air Operation Commander, Royal Malaysia Air Force), assisted by Ahmad Nizar bin Zolfakar (Director, Air Traffic Services, Department of Civil Aviation) and will include a senior 777 pilot. 

该小组将由马来西亚皇家空军,空中行动指挥官Dato’ Sri Ackbal bin Haji Abdul Samad 中将带领,和民航局空中交通服务总监Ahmad Nizar bin Zolfakar协助,其他队伍人员包括波音777的资深飞行员。

5.   Concluding remarks

5. 总结

We will persevere. Our immediate focus is the search and rescue operation. We are pursuing every means possible to narrow the two search corridors.

我们会坚持下去。现今, 我们最主要的任务仍然是搜救行动。我们不会放过每一个能够缩小两个搜索走廊的可能性。


Source: Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) via the Web Archive