MH370News:2014/Day 052

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Day 052: Monday, 28 April 2014

News Summary

Media Statements

Tuesday, April 28, 05:30 PM GMT +0800 Media Statement

Released at 5.33p.m./28 April 2015

Following the closure of MH370’s Family Communication and Support Centre (FCSC) in Beijing and six other provinces in China yesterday, Malaysia Airlines reiterates its commitment to assist the next-of-kin (NOKs) of MH370 passengers in the country.

As have been communicated to the family members, Malaysia Airlines will continue to provide information and maintain communication with the NOKs via several platforms.

We have established dedicated hotline numbers and email address for the NOKs to contact Malaysia Airlines for queries on general and compensation matters.

Regular updates will also be available on the official website of MH370 via the URL

Malaysia Airlines will continue to explore available avenues to reach out to the families.


Source: Malaysia Airlines Media Statement & Information on Flight MH370 via the Web Archive