MH370News:2014/Day 077

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Day 077: Friday, 23 May 2014

News Summary

Media Statements

Friday, May 23, 07:40 PM MYT +0800 Media Statement 33 - MH370 Incident

Malaysia Airlines would like to reiterate that it has committed to communicate all matters with regard to the disappearance of MH370 to all family members.

From 7 May 2014 onwards (after the closure of the Family Assistance Centre (FAC)), the airline has been updating family members with news from JACC and the Malaysian Government as and when it is made available via its caregivers and the Family Support Centre (FSC).

However on 3 May 2014, the US law firm, Ribbeck Law Chartered, formally notified Malaysia Airlines’ lawyers that it had been appointed as the legal representative for the family members of some of the crew and provided evidence that they had been retained by these families. Once a legal representative has been engaged, professional etiquette and rules of conduct dictate that contact with a party who is legally represented should ordinarily be through his or her lawyers.

Malaysia Airlines confirms that its lawyers have had discussions with the US lawyers engaged by the families of some of its crew. As a result of those discussions, certain protocols have now been agreed to enable the airline to continue to maintain direct contact with the families concerned and to provide them with the care and assistance that they need at this difficult time. As lawyers have now been retained, Malaysia Airlines is unable to comment on any legal issues in relation to these families but the airline will be informing them of what it has agreed with the family members’ lawyers.

Source: Malaysia Airlines MAS-MS33-077