MH370News:2015/Day 311

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Day 311: Monday, 12 January 2015

News Summary

Media Statements

Media release by Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Warren Truss MP

Fugro Supporter to join search for MH370

Media Release


12 January 2015

An additional vessel has been commissioned to carry out underwater search activities for missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft MH370.

Fugro Supporter is currently on its way to the search area after conducting trials in Bali.

It is expected to arrive in the search area and commence search activities in late January.

The addition of Fugro Supporter, jointly funded by the governments of Australia and Malaysia, brings the number of vessels engaged in the underwater search for the aircraft to four.

The bathymetric survey of the sea floor has revealed previously unknown features including rugged terrain and deep trenches.

Fugro Supporter has been equipped with a Kongsberg HUGIN 4500 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The AUV will be used to scan those portions of the search area that cannot be searched effectively by the equipment on other vessels.

The Australian Government remains committed to the search for MH370.