MH370News:2015/Day 524

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Day 524: Thursday, 13 August 2015

News Summary

Media Statements

Correcting the Record

Incorrect media reporting of MH370 sonar contacts

13 August 2015

Recent articles suggesting that sonar images gathered during the underwater search for MH370 could be aircraft debris are incorrect.

The sonar contacts mentioned in the articles are old ones that were already assessed and discounted months ago.

As well, the articles incorrectly describe ‘Category 3’ sonar contacts as being the most likely to be aircraft debris. In fact, they are the least likely to be aircraft debris. Category 3 is assigned to sonar contacts that are of some interest as they stand out from their surroundings but have low probability of being significant to the search. The underwater search so far has identified more than 400 seabed features that have been classified as Category 3.

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