MH370 Passengers/Seat Allocations/Data Corrections

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This article describes changes to data extracted from the official passenger manifests to create the summary for each passenger on flight MH370 on the diagram at MH370 Passengers/Seat Allocations.


The Passenger Manifest released by the Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) is a .pdf file with the following format:-



NATIONALITY is a 3-letter country code

Age is a number (years)

Gender is either M or F

Class is either GCCL or EYCL

Seat No is the normal aircraft seat number

Data Changes

To use the data in this website various changes have been made, as described here:-

Data Format
Data from the .pdf file has been converted to plain text and then reformatted to html.
Last Name has been separated from the First Name by a comma and space. The names are still fully capitalized because it is not possible to separate multiple first names without personal knowledge.
The letters MR were removed if the passenger is male; the letters MRS, MS or MISS were removed only if the passenger is female. One female may not have provided given names so the title MRS was retained.
The Nationality codes have been converted to country names as per the table on the right. USA has been retained instead of the United States of America (just as China should be the People's Republic of China).
This data has not been changed.
The letter M has been changed to Male, and the letter F has been changed to Female.
The two classes are Golden Club Class (GCCL), or Business Class, and Economy Class (EYCL). The seat number also indicates whether the person was in the business class section or behind the bulkhead in economy class seating.
Seat No
The seat number has been retained unchanged with the following exceptions:-
  1. Two people were travelling on false passports. The passenger manifest shows the name on the passport and the nationality of that person. As those two people were not on the aircraft their names are not used on this website. The seat allocation for 30C and 34C therefore indicates "Iranian on stolen passport".
  2. There are two typographical errors in the MoT list:- seat number 4J was changed 40J to match the class EYCL; and there is no seat 36B but as both 36A and 36C were allocated this was changed to 36D as a best guess.
  3. There were two children or infants on board. Both were aged 2 years and did not have allocated seats because they would have been with a parent or guardian. A note has been made on the MH370 Passengers/Seat Allocations.

Nationality Code Conversion

Code Country Comments
AUS Australia
AUT Austria Removed
CAN Canada
CHN China
FRA France
IND India
IDN Indonesia
Iran Added
ITA Italy Removed
MYS Malaysia
NLD Netherlands
NZL New Zealand
RU Russia
TWN Taiwan
UKR Ukraine