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The MH370 Official Site was established by the Government of Malaysia in 2014 and is the main portal for documents related to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

A Next-of-Kin section requires a login for access.

What is the MH370 Official Site address?

The website address or URL is:

Where has content been sourced from?

The search for MH370 and the Investigation have been International efforts and the documents aggregated in the MH370 Official Site have been sourced mostly from within Malaysia and also Australia. A Tripartite Agreement exists between Malaysia, China and Australia. The surface search was managed by the Australian Maritime Safety Organisation and the initial underwater search was managed by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The Australian Government also created a Joint Agency Coordination Centre. Updates and reports from these agencies can be accessed on the Official Site.

Malaysian sources include press statements and updates from Malaysia Airlines, the Department of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Transport, the Prime Minister's Office, and others; and reports from the Air Accident Investigation Bureau and The Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370.

Is the MH370 Official Site Complete?

No, but it is a 'first stop' for all of the most significant reports, statements and updates. For example, the Official Site hosts the weekly updates from an underwater search conducted by Ocean Infinity in 2018. These documents are probably not located anywhere else.

Each of the agencies in Malaysia and Australia initially hosted their own documents, but over time with restructuring and change, many original sources have been removed, or the site address (URL) has been changed. Malaysia Airlines, for example, was restructured and its' website no longer has content related to MH370 or MH17. The Department of Civil Aviation (Malaysia) is now the Civil Aviation Authority. In Australia too, the JACC has served its purpose and its' website content has been archived. Unless the MH370 Official Site captured content from each of these 'information silos' when the content was new or current, it will not be hosted there now.

If the MH370 Official Site is offline, can the content be accessed elsewhere?

Occasionally, the MH370 Official Site may be 'offline'. This typically occurs to websites (including this one!) during periods of upgrade or maintenance.

The not-for-profit Internet Archive called the Wayback Machine Makes 'snapshots' of significant websites and archives the content. However these archives generally do not provide access to content which required a login, such as the Next of Kin section.

Instruction on how to access an archived version of the MH370 Official Site is provided in the article The Wayback Machine and MH370.