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References to sources of information or data used in this website have been collected in sub-pages to form a reference Section. Each sub-page has a specific purpose, collecting references based on a topic, related to a particular subject or source, or based on the type of document such as reports or books.

Each reference has also been allocated a unique identifier, a Reference ID. Instead of repeating the full text of a reference whenever it has been used, the Reference ID is written in superscript and the word Ref: is linked to the details of the reference in one of the sub-pages in this Section. The purpose is to describe the reference or source only once for the entire website. This will ensure that any updates to the information are centralised.


To simplify and shorten the Reference IDs an abbreviation system has been used. For news media articles this has the format of four or five letters followed by a number. The first three letters are a contraction of the publisher name; the second two letters are a country code; and the numbers refer to the date of publication as the number of days since MH370 went missing. The number system has been used throughout this website. See the MH370 News Index as an example.

A list of abbreviations is on the page References/Media/Sources.


This Reference Section is currently incomplete but under development.

References Index

This Reference section is structured using sub-pages:-