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References: Official (Government) Sources in Malaysia

Note: Mainstream Media sources are not listed on this page.

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Occasionally the MH370 Official Site is offline. Use the Web Archive instead.
For background information about the MH370 Official Site refer to the page Malaysia/MH370 Official Site.

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References: MH370 Official Site

The Government of Malaysia maintains a website called the MH370 Official Site which contains copies of many official documents relating to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 including media statements, debris reports, the Preliminary Report and Interim Statements, and the Safety Investigation Report. There is also a section for Next-of-Kin which requires a user name and password.

While most documents are in English, some are presented in Bahasa or Mandarin.

Occasionally, the MH370 Official Site has been offline or unavailable.

The site Menu is presented in two languages - English and Mandarin. The URLs for each version are shown below:-

Mandarin Version
Note: Although the Menu may be in Mandarin the content may be in English.
English Version

Reference IDs

A reference to the MH370 Official Site which does not link to a specific document is simply a shortened version of the website URL - MH370Site Ref: MH370Site ‎.

A reference to a specific document hosted on the MH370 Official Site uses MH370Site as a prefix followed by a group of letters. Letters are preferred over a number for the reason that in other contexts a number refers to a date, as a Day Number. The letter sequence is generated randomly and has no significance other than acting as a unique item identifier.