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Malaysia Airlines References - Explanatory Notes


Media Statements relating to flight MH370 were released by Malaysia Airlines (MAS) from 7:24 am Saturday, 8 March 2014.

The airline website then, as now, had the URL

However, because of the tragedy of flight MH370, the airline changed the theme of the website to one which was more subdued. This 'dark site' had the URL

The Media Statements were linked from the footer section at the bottom of the main page as shown below:-

Footer from 2014 version of Malaysia Airlines website showing links to updates and media statements for MH370 and MH17

Source: Wayback Machine Snapshot of the Malaysia Airlines website on 19 December 2014.

The link MH370: Latest Media Statement & Information opened pages headed MH370 Flight Incident with this URL -

That address or link is no longer valid and all media statements relating to flights MH370 and MH17 have been removed or are not accessible.

Following the restructure of Malaysia Airlines to create Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) the website focussed on marketing current flights only.

MH370: Latest Media Statement & Information - Content Description

Media Statements on the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) website were not limited to those from Malaysia Airlines. MAS also hosted media statements from the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Civil Aviation, and the Prime Minister. In some instances MAS included Mandarin translations which were not provided by the original source.

These can be located on the Internet Archive by searching with the URL

For any snapshot there will be many pages containing media statements, as per the example below:-

Example of many sub-pages for media Statements on the Malaysia Airlines Website

Each of the linked pages could contain several media statements. Unfortunately, however, snapshots of the MAS website saved on the Internet Archive either did not save all of the sub-pages or links to the sub-pages for any snapshot may not work.

Malaysia Airlines and the MH370 Official Site

Although Malaysia Airlines media statements are important in the context of the story of MH370 they were not 'official' in the same way that media statements by Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister for Defence and Acting Minister for Transport are 'official'. MAS statements are not part of the record on the MH370 Official Site.

Consequently, the only source for these documents is the Internet Archive or Wayback Machine.

Internet Archive Snapshots

To summarise the information above:-

  1. Media Statements on the MAS website include some from other sources
  2. Several media statements may be included on a single page (called a sub-page)
  3. Snapshots at an particular date may include the most recent media statements on Page 1 but may not include older content, on Pages 2 or greater
  4. Page 1 content is always the most recent - the content is not indexed by page number

Therefore, to access all of the media statement content from the Malaysia Airlines website we need to refer to several different snapshots, some of which overlap in content.

Snapshots and Reference-IDs

A Reference-ID has been assigned to each Media Statement related to MH370 by Malaysia Airlines in the format MAS-MS#-NNN where MAS is the abbreviation for Malaysia Airline Systems; MS is an abbreviation for Media Statement and the # is the Statement Number; and the date of the Media Statement is represented by a three-digit Day Number.

Media Statements hosted on the Malaysia Airlines website are listed below a URL to a relevant snapshot, including those from sources other than MAS. The listings will contain duplicate entries but the Reference-ID will be unique.

If a Media Statement from a source other than MAS is listed, and if that same statement is not available from the original source or snapshot of the original source, or if the MAS version includes a Mandarin translation, then a Reference-ID will be assigned using the format MAS-XXX-NNN where MAS indicates that the document was hosted on the Malaysia Airlines website; the XXX will identify the original source and may include ZH[1] if a translation is included; and the date is represented by a three-digit Day Number.


The Malaysia Airlines website also included the Media Statements related to flight MH17.

If or when those documents are referenced in this website the Reference-ID will include the flight number MH17.

Otherwise, all MAS references without a flight number refer to MH370.

  1. The two-letter code commonly used for Mandarin is ZH, as defined in ISO 639-1 (Wikipedia).