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This website was created to collate information about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which went missing on Saturday, 8 March 2014.

This website was started in 2015 with the domain name and is built with software called MediaWiki, so it is a 'wiki about MH370'.

Significant changes are listed below, most recent first:-

Ten Years Have Passed...
Time has passed, reports have been presented, searches conducted, debris found. Time alone does not heal. Neither does information that fails to provide answers. In that respect this website is inadequate. But the story must remain prominent. Maybe another search will be more successful than the previous. Maybe there will be some answers, some closure and some healing in the near future. MH370 and all on-board will not be forgotten.

26 February 2024 onwards
Currently building a better index for information sources or references linked from a new page Reference Index.
Separated Media Statements and References into different Menu sections. Added links to media statements by year.

23 February 2024
Included a paper titled The MH370: Why it is not pilot murder-suicide - our postulates published in 2019 by Malaysian researchers Meer Ahmad, A. M., Mohamed Hussain Habil and Zahari Bin Jusoh. "The aim of this article is to discuss un biasedly and objectively why the disappearance/crash is not due to pilot-suicide." Interesting reading! See MH370 Why it is not Pilot Murder-Suicide.

22 February 2024
Completed adding a page/article for each passenger. All have data from the passenger manifests; many have information from media sources; and some have photographs.
The pages can be accessed from the Passenger Menu.

8 February 2024
Renamed the subpages linked from the Main Page and created an introduction on the Main Page.
The subpages are now named by the date of the news item quoted, beginning with 8 March 2014.

February 2024
Many days spent checking internal links prior to uploading sitemaps which the internet robots should read.
This website is validated by Google, Bing and Yandex. But search results are likely to return page URLs which have been superseded by the current structure. That is why the sitemaps are important.
20 January 2024
Shortened URLs to Reports and added links to Debris Reports.

19 January 2024
Developed landing page for people following an old link which would result in a 'page not found' message.
Added a Menu button for Analysis. Moved an existing article Hostile takeover or suicide mission to this section.

17 January 2024
Added content to the Boeing 777 section. This includes access to an archived version of the Boeing 777 Website as it was in 2014, but since updated. Content may be slow to load because it is imported from the Internet Archive.

16 January 2024

Following the change of URL for this website, to remove the /wiki/ which is typically used on all Mediawiki-based websites, the main URL for this site will become

The domains and are both forwarded to When browsing to any of these addresses the website will return the address as

However, if browsing to the site will return the address

The content is identical as the same database is used and all four domain names remain valid.

14 January 2024
URLs for the site were changed to remove the suffix /wiki.
Previous URLNew URL

Hundreds of internal links using the html structure href=" " mostly on buttons styled with CSS are updated.

13 January 2024
Royal Malaysia Police forensic investigation of Captain Shah's flight simulator updated and moved to a Reports section.

12 January 2024
An updated version was released which was significantly restructured. Some of the changes include:-
  • Timeline segments defined by significant changes in direction of MH370, each representing a decision made on the flight deck.
  • Timeline segments renamed using abbreviations which refer to a body of water over which MH370 was flying at the time, for example:
    • South China Sea - SCS
    • Straits of Malacca - SoM
    • Andaman Sea - ANDS
    • North Indian Ocean - NIO
    • Southern Indian Ocean - SIO
  • Passenger details included for the first time. Unfortunately not complete at date of release, but the data is there and just needs time to check and publish. Passenger skills have been noted and other passenger information stored by Category. This info will be public after completion and checking.
  • A redesigned reference system enables cross-referencing and re-use of the same reference with a single instance for the original data identified by a reference ID, written as Ref-ID. Partially complete at date of release and needs to capture references previously created on a per-page basis.
  • Expanded content with additional menu items on the left menu (Sidebar) and more comprehensive context (horizontal) menus.
  • Development of this version was off-line with a login required. When released for public access (anonymous users) there were various issues as some content was not displayed properly. These are attended to as and when discovered.