Timeline/KLIA-SCS/0122 MYT

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Event Summary

01:22 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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MH370 was expected to arrive at waypoint IGARI at 0122 MYT (or one minute earlier, based on the reconstruction of the flight profile conducted on the B777 simulator).

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.1.1

    At 1643:31 UTC (0043:31 MYT), KL ACC Sector 3 Planner coordinated with Ho Chi Minh (Viet Nam) Area Control Centre (HCM ACC) on the Direct Speech Circuit (direct telephone line) relaying the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of MH370 for waypoint IGARI as 1722 UTC (0122 MYT) and the assigned Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) transponder code A2157.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.1

    Based on reconstruction (Section 2.1) of the flight profile conducted on the B777 simulator, the flight would be at waypoint IGARI one minute earlier than the original estimate of 1722 UTC [0122 MYT].