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Initial Responses to the loss of contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The diagram below illustrates the sequence of overlapping responses by the various authorities as the news of the loss of communications with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 became more widely known.

  1. Air Traffic Controllers based in Kuala Lumpur and interacting with counterparts in Vietnam and other sectors were of course the first to be aware of a problem.

    Transcripts of those radio and telephone communications are available.

  2. Malaysia Airlines was alerted by KL ATC and their ongoing response included activating a red alert, attempting to contact the aircraft, preparing the first media release, and ongoing interaction with next-of-kin, media, the Malaysian departments of Civil Aviation and Transport, and the Royal Malaysia Police.

  3. The Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control eventually activated the Kuala Lumpur Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre.

  4. The KL ARCC initiated the first search and after activating the Joint Investigation Team relied on JIT input for subsequent search priorities.

  5. The initial Military response involved a review of primary radar data which showed that an aircraft observed crossing peninsula Malaysia was subsequently tracked toward the Andaman Sea. The Malaysian military subsequently contributed to the search for MH370.

  6. The Royal Malaysia Police opened a criminal investigation.

Air Traffic Control Response
ATC Transcripts
Malaysia Airlines Response
KL ARCC Response
JIT Response
Military Response
RMP Response

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