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Event Summary

03:56:13 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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KL ACC queried MAS Operations Centre for any latest information or contact with MH370.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.18.1 SIR 2018:1 Factual Information/1.18/1.18.1/6 Chronology of Activities after Notification by HCM ACC ATC Activities after Notification by HCM ACC

    At 1956:13 UTC [0356:13 MYT] KL ACC queried Malaysia Airlines Operations for any latest information or contact with MH370.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.7 Table 2.2C - Chronology of ATC Events following the Disappearance of MH370

    KL ACC queried MAS Operations Centre for any latest information or contact with MH370.

  3. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Table 2.2I - Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and ODC

    No. Time [MYT] Direct-Line Communication Exchanges
    2. 0356:13 -
    KL ACC initiated the call and enquired about MH370.
    MAS replied: “Not yet”.
  4. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.18F

    Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC (Sector 3+5) And MAS Operations Centre
    1956:13 UTC
    (0356:13 MYT)
    KL ATCCDialing Direct Telephone Line.
    1956:19 UTC
    [0356:19 MYT]
    KL ATCC(Satu dua Enam Empat) [National Language]
    1956:22 UTC
    [0356:22 MYT]
    Direct Telephone ringing
    1956:27 UTC
    [0356:27 MYT]
    MAS OperationsHello selamat pagi[National Language]
    1956:29 UTC
    [0356:29 MYT]
    KL ATCCPagi [National Language] Operation Centre here.
    1956:31 UTC
    [0356:31 MYT]
    MAS OperationsCentre yeah Centre.
    1956:32 UTC
    [0356:32 MYT]
    KL ATCCIs there anything on any news on Mal Malaysian Three Seven Zero.
    1956:35 UTC
    [0356:35 MYT]
    MAS OperationsNot yet laa sir.
    1956:36 UTC
    [0356:36 MYT]
    KL ATCCNot yet.
    1956:37 UTC
    [0356:37 MYT]
    MAS OperationsAah… takdak lagi [National Language]
    1956:38 UTC
    [0356:38 MYT]
    KL ATCCMasa I check with Ho Chi Minh we we can check with Ho Chi Minh laa.. Ho Chi Minh kata takdak dia pun tak contact tapi at one time dia kata nampak blip tau. [National Language]
    1956:45 UTC
    [0356:45 MYT]
    MAS OperationsNampak bling. [National Language]
    1956:46 UTC
    [0356:46 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah… dia nampak blip aaa... IGARI side la kan. [National Language]
    1956:50 UTC
    [0356:50 MYT]
    MAS OperationsIGARI side lah.
    1956:51 UTC
    [0356:51 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah dia kata last last itu nampak blip tetapi [National Language]
    1956:53 UTC
    [0356:53 MYT]
    MAS OperationsPukul berapa itu. [National Language]
    1956:55 UTC
    [0356:55 MYT]
    KL ATCCAaa… eeh… estimate IGARI tadi lebih kurang pukul pukul satu dua puluh lima laa lebih kurang tu lah. [National Language]
    1957:01 UTC
    [0357:01 MYT]
    MAS OperationsOkay.
    1956:02 UTC
    [0356:02 MYT]
    KL ATCCEh lepas tu dia kata nampak blip lepas tu takdak. [National Language]
    1957:06 UTC
    [0357:06 MYT]
    MAS OperationsDalam monitor dia orang masih ada lagi tak. [National Language]
    1956:08 UTC
    [0356:08 MYT]
    KL ATCCTakdak tadak dia nampak sekejap dalam monitor dia orang cakap nampak sekejap macam tu lah lebih pada tu takdak contact, no contact. [National Language]
    1957:16 UTC
    [0357:16 MYT]
    MAS OperationsAlamak. [National Language]
    1957:16 UTC
    [0357:16 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah... itulah so saya suruh dia check dia check adjacent FIR aah so far takdak lagi no news dia kata. [National Language]
    1957:24 UTC
    [0357:24 MYT]
    MAS OperationsNo news so kita orang pun try juga [National Language] I… aircraft.
    1957:28 UTC
    [0357:28 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah.
    1957:28 UTC
    [0357:28 MYT]
    MAS OperationsBelum ada response lagi. [National Language]
    1957:30 UTC
    [0357:30 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay lah anything you you just inform us lah aah.
    1957:32 UTC
    [0357:32 MYT]
    MAS OperationsAah okay okay.
    1957:33 UTC
    [0357:33 MYT]
    KL ATCCKita dapat apa apa we inform you lah. [National Language]
    1957:35 UTC
    [0357:35 MYT]
    MAS OperationsOkay okay.
    1957:36 UTC
    [0357:36 MYT]
    KL ATCCEer okay okay right.
    1957:37 UTC
    [0357:37 MYT]
    MAS OperationsSiapa cakap ni [National Language]
    1957:37 UTC
    [0357:37 MYT]
    KL ATCCAaa... saya xxxxx sini [National Language]
    1957:39 UTC
    [0357:39 MYT]
    MAS OperationsOkay okay.
    1957:39 UTC
    [0357:39 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay right.
    End of Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC and MAS Operations Centre


  1. Inclusion of extracts from both Table 1.18E and Table 2.2C may appear to be duplication. However, the tables contain different events, and where the events are the same, the wording may be slightly different. Both versions are included for consistency.
  2. The context of Table 1.18E is the Factual Information in the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 and the context of Table 2.2C is the Analysis section.