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Event Summary

05:09:13 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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Singapore, on behalf of Hong Kong ACC enquired for information on MH370.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.8 k) Delegation of Airspace by Singapore Area Control Centre to KL ACC

    At 2109:13 UTC [0509:13 MYT] Singapore ACC contacted KL ACC for information on MH370 following an enquiry on the status of the aircraft by Hong Kong ACC four minutes earlier. By then, over three and a half hours had lapsed.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.18.1 SIR 2018:1 Factual Information/1.18/1.18.1/6 Chronology of Activities after Notification by HCM ACC ATC Activities after Notification by HCM ACC

    Singapore, on behalf of Hong Kong, enquired for information on MH370.

  3. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.7 Table 2.2C - Chronology of ATC Events following the Disappearance of MH370

    Singapore, on behalf of Hong Kong ACC enquired for information on MH370.

  4. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Table 2.2G - Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and Singapore ACC

    No. Time [MYT] Direct-Line Communication Exchanges
    1. 0509:13 -
    Singapore ACC initiated the call and informed that it was first alerted by Hong Kong ACC who had made enquiries to ascertain the status of MH370.
    KL ACC confirmed that it was in contact with MH370 until transferred at IGARI and that MAS on the ground had also no contact with MH370.
  5. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.18G

    Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between Singapore ATCC and KL ATCC Sector 3 +5 Planner
    2109:13 UTC
    (0509:13 MYT)
    KL ATCCLumpur.
    2109:14 UTC
    [0509:14 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCLumpur aa I am calling on behalf of Hong Kong ACC.
    2109:19 UTC
    [0509:19 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay.
    2109:20 UTC
    [0509:20 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCThey are requesting for aircraft Malaysian Three Seven Zero.
    2109:23 UTC
    [0509:23 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay.
    2109:23 UTC
    [0509:23 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCConfirm you were in contact with the aircraft previously.
    2109:26 UTC
    [0509:26 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay from our departure.
    2109:30 UTC
    [0509:30 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCAffirm.
    2109:31 UTC
    [0509:31 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah… in contact until we transferred at IGARI.
    2109:35 UTC
    [0509:35 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCHmm hmm.
    2109:36 UTC
    [0509:36 MYT]
    KL ATCCAfter that no contact we got the infor from IGARI aah they not in contact with the aircraft at… time er… after we transferred it the IGARI time was one seven two two.
    2110:01 UTC
    [0510:01 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCOkay.
    2110:01 UTC
    [0510:01 MYT]
    KL ATCCAnd and the Ho Chi Minh told us at around one negative contact with (xxx) (xxx) [illegible] one eight one zero.
    2110:16 UTC
    [0510:16 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCAt one eight one zero Ho Chi Minh called you to say negative contact.
    2110:19 UTC
    [0510:19 MYT]
    KL ATCCYes and we've been trying to check with Ho Chi Minh.
    2110:24 UTC
    [0510:24 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCAah aah.
    2110:25 UTC
    [0510:25 MYT]
    KL ATCCOf the aircraft because we check with eer the MAS operations they said they are not able to… aa… no comm with them.
    2110:41 UTC
    [0510:41 MYT]
    KL ATCCThey.
    2110:41 UTC
    [0510:41 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCConfirm the Malaysian Airlines on the ground also no contact with Malaysian Three Seven Zero.
    2110:45 UTC
    [0510:45 MYT]
    KL ATCCYes.
    2110:47 UTC
    [0510:47 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCYes aah.
    2110:48 UTC
    [0510:48 MYT]
    KL ATCCYes.
    2110:49 UTC
    [0510:49 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCAah and the aircraft is no longer on your frequency one three four two five.
    2110:53 UTC
    [0510:53 MYT]
    KL ATCCAffirm at time one seven two two we transferred the aircraft to Ho Chi Minh.
    2111:00 UTC
    [0511:00 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCAha at one seven two two was the aircraft still on radar.
    2111:04 UTC
    [0511:04 MYT]
    KL ATCCAffirm
    2111:07 UTC
    [0511:07 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCOkay.
    2111:08 UTC
    [0511:08 MYT]
    KL ATCCSo… aah or from aa… Hong Kong or… any update from Hong Kong.
    2111:13 UTC
    [0511:13 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCNo Hong Kong is requesting er any update on this aircraft.
    2111:17 UTC
    [0511:17 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay eer… if they are calling you again aa… can you update us.
    2111:26 UTC
    [0511:26 MYT]
    Singapore ATCCOkay copied.
    2111:27 UTC
    [0511:27 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay thank you.
    End of Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between Singapore ATCC and KL ATCC Sector 3 +5 Planner


  1. Inclusion of extracts from both Table 1.18E and Table 2.2C may appear to be duplication. However, the tables contain different events, and where the events are the same, the wording may be slightly different. Both versions are included for consistency.
  2. The context of Table 1.18E is the Factual Information in the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 and the context of Table 2.2C is the Analysis section.