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Event Summary

05:41:20 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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HCM ACC queried for any updates.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.18.1 SIR 2018:1 Factual Information/1.18/1.18.1/6 Chronology of Activities after Notification by HCM ACC

    HCM ACC queried for any updates.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.18F

    Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC and HCM ATCC
    2141:20 UTC
    (0541:20 MYT)
    KL ATCCLumpur
    2141:21 UTC
    [0541:21 MYT]
    HCM ATCCHo Chi Minh ACC aah any information about Malaysian Three Seven Zero from the company.
    2141:27 UTC
    [0541:27 MYT]
    KL ATCCNegative company is checking with me also and negative no no information about it no information about it so we are checking we are playing back back the tape we are we want to track back where the aircraft when was the last contact all this thing we too we play we play the tape and if there is information we inform you.
    2141:49 UTC
    [0541:49 MYT]
    HCM ATCCRoger.
    2141:50 UTC
    [0541:50 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay okay then if there any from your side or from the Beijing side all this thing you inform Lumpur please.
    2141:56 UTC
    [0541:56 MYT]
    HCM ATCCOkay any information will advise you.
    2141:59 UTC
    [0541:59 MYT]
    KL ATCCYep, okay okay.
    End of Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC and HCM ATCC