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Event Summary

06:00 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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The Duty Watch Supervisor at the Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Services Centre (KL ATSC) performed radar data and voice recording play-back.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.8 1) Analysis of ATS Operational Issues after Last Radio Communication with MH370 and subsequent Activities/Actions taken

    p) Play-back of Radar and Radiotelephony Recordings by ATSC Duty Watch Supervisor

    At 2145 UTC [0545 MYT], the ATSC Duty Watch Supervisor requested from the radar maintenance personnel to carry out radar data play-back (with permission granted by KL ATSC’s Chief Assistant Director). The SME successfully restored the desired file from the recording play-back back-up hard disc. At 2200 UTC [0600 MYT] the ATSC Duty Watch Supervisor performed radar data and voice recording play-back at the D40 Controller Working Position (D40 CWP).


  1. Air Traffic Controllers had rostered breaks during the night. The group which started their break at 0300 MYT would end their break at 0600 MYT.