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02:30 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

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At 2:30 MYT Malaysia Airlines Operations Manager called the Crisis Director, Fuad Sharuji, by telephone.

Within 30 minutes Mr Sharuji declared the Code Red alert.

Event Details

  1. Exclusive: Lessons from Malaysia Airlines' crisis director

    In this article, written just after the second anniversary of the disappearance of MH370 the Crisis Director for Malaysia Airlines, Fuad Sharuji, describes what happened after he received a phone call from the Malaysia Airlines ODC at about 2:30 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014:-

    ... the significance of the phone call he received at 2.30am on 8 March 2014 was unlike any other before. Even now, two years on, Sharuji describes those first few moments with disbelief, but also with clarity.

    “Immediately I opened my laptop, accessed the flight systems, and saw there were four other aircraft that were in the vicinity of where MH370 was supposed to be, but 370 was not in the picture at all,” he says.

    After several attempts to contact the plane through satellite communications, air traffic control centres and nearby aircraft, the severity of the situation became quickly apparent. Just before 3am, 30 minutes after that first phone call, Sharuji declared a code red emergency.


    Within an hour, most members of the airline’s emergency operations committee had assembled at the airport, followed soon after by an emergency response working group, ‘go teams’, and a special assistance team.

    Source: Strategic Risk Exclusive: Lessons from Malaysia Airlines' crisis director by Jessica Reid 16 March 2016


  1. Fuad Sharuji was Vice President, Operations Control Center of Malaysia Airlines, and the Crisis Director for MH370 and MH17.